Hi, I am Christos.

I have studied Physical Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, where I was interested (Master’s degree) in bio-synthetic proteins and their ability to harvest light. I then moved to the University of Tübingen, where I worked on a project concerning the liquid-liquid phase separation in protein solutions controlled by multivalent salts. At the same time I worked at the HERTIE institute for clinical brain research, where I analysed deep brain signals from rodents, to understand mechanisms involved in Parkinson’s disease. I then moved to Humboldt University in Berlin, where I pursued a PhD in solid state physics, specializing in the electronic and structural properties at the interfaces between two-dimensional materials (e.g., graphene) and organic semiconductors. After that I have worked as a Postdoc at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, in the field of solar energy and solar energy materials.

This constant interaction with data made me realise their strength in understanding the world. At the moment I am diving deeper into the fields that are related to “Data Science”.


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